Used Boat Hoist 100 ton

Year of construction:          2002

Manufacturer:                     ASCOM S.P.A

Capacity:                              100 tonne

Dock span:                           7,70 m

Driving system:                   by radio remote control

Working hours:                   2.530 as of 25/01/2024

N.4 winches

N.4 steering wheels

N.2 drive wheels

N.4 lifting points, 2 adjustable hydraulically (without load) and 2 fixed.

Stainless steel fuel tank


  • Status:

The crane is in proper operating condition and has been discreetly maintained by the previous owner, but it does show some signs of rust.

Wire ropes will be replaced with brand new ones.

Original/used slings (not brand new) come with the machine.

Repainting of the equipment is not included. Clients may decide to refresh it during the reassembly operation.


  • Supply documents:

CE mark and O&M manual