Straddle carriers for Suedlink project

We’re excited to announce our partnership in the Suedlink project as the manufacturer of state-of-the-art straddle carriers. This project focuses on supplying advanced cable systems for the Suedlink HVDC transmission line, revolutionizing energy transmission.

As proud manufacturers, we play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth handling and operation of cable drums throughout the project. Our heavy-duty straddle carriers are specifically designed to handle a diverse range of DC cable drums, enabling seamless transportation from storage areas to loading zones and vice versa.

Our machines are engineered to navigate the challenging outdoor terrain of the project site, strictly adhering to safety regulations and incorporating advanced safety features. They operate smoothly during both day and night shifts, ensuring uninterrupted progress.

Not only do our straddle carriers facilitate the efficient movement of cable drums, but they also optimize operations, reduce downtime, and enhance overall productivity.

We’re honored to be part of this remarkable project, providing essential equipment that supports the transmission of clean and sustainable energy across Germany.



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